Is there a room in the team for Moussa Wagué and Carles Aleña?

Everytime somebody shines, other somebody gets left out. Two youngsters are currently in very odd positions. The current status of Wagué and Aleña is explained in the following article by TikitakaxBarca.

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FC Barcelona

First one is Wagué. After coming to Barça B from Genk, he got promoted after a great season- and as Semedo needs a backup after Roberto has been moved to the midfield.

You’d expect Wagué to have some playtime, of course not every game-but at least sometime to show himself.well that’s not what happened. After Moussa got promoted..he got 0 minutes, and has been left out unfairly from the squad list for no reason.

How are we expected to know if our youngsters can do it if we don’t give them a chance? I hope 2020 will give him better luck, because it’s quite worrying.

The current situation of Carles Aleña

Another youngster that has been left out. Carles Aleña. The Spanish 21 year old has pretty much his breakthrough season in 18/19, when he switched between Barça B and the first team. He would often be called up for the first, and eventually would get to play some games, especially as a substitute..You’d expect him to have a good season now.

Except he’s one of the least used midfielders by Ernesto Valverde- just like Wagué, he has been left out of the squad list- after an uninspiring performance at San Mames. Yet he deserved to be treated better. Don’t let him on the bench, he’s the present. He needs to be given a chance, consisting of a FDJ-arthur-Aleña trio.

These two youngsters have been almost forgotten, while Ansu and Carles Perez got to show their potential on the pitch. Let’s hope conditions will improve!

What do you think about the current situation of Moussa Wagué and Carles Aleña? Moreover, Should Valverde give them more chances? Write your opinion in the Comment section below.

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