Granada 2 – Barcelona 0 : Barca lose away again

Barca lose another away match, Barcelona looks like a mid-table team, and Valverde is still the coach. Although Barca didn’t have such a bad start to the season for decades, ‘it is what it is’.

The worst thing about yesterday is that the moment I saw the starting lineup I feared of what happening next. But I think I am not the only one who was afraid, but also many Barca fans, and maybe the players as well.

It’s ok to lose matches, and sometimes when you lose it makes you angry. However, playing like a small team, and not the Barca way is the worst thing about the lost. It happened so many times since Valverde took charge, and Barca look scared at away matches.

Pep Guardiola once said that Barca play the Barca way, and it’s the opponents job to prepare for us. However, since Valverde took charge the club seems clueless. Although on most home matches the talent of the players is enough, the problem starts when we’re away from Camp nou.

Stilll thinking about Anfield?

It’s quite amazing to think that Barca didn’t win an away match since the 4-0 lost to Liverpool. However, what amazes more for me is the fact that we did not learn anything since than.

Yesterday we lost to Granada, and only luck prevented us from losing in Dortmund. However, we have to remember that its only Granada, and a bigger team would score more goals yesterday.

Numbers of a small team

Since the start of the season, in 6 matches Barca has 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. Moreover, in terms of goals, Barca scored 12 goals and conceded 9. Barca had only one clean sheet, at Dortmund. (Stats from here)

What is worse is the fact that Barca had only 1 shot on target yesterday. With players like Suarez, Griezmann and Messi in the second half we have to produce more chances. And the players should take some of the blame of course.

However, when all the players play bad it’s the coach’s fault. Just look at Coutinho yesterday with Bayern, playing with joy and having a MOTM performance. He did not forget how to play this game. Same goes for Dembele, Malcom(who already left) and Junior Firpo.

No matter who which player will arrive, we shouldn’t expect anything while Valverde is the coach. Furthermore, yesterday a reporter asked him if he’s concerned with the fact that Barca conceded more goals than the points they have. The response of the coach was: “I didn’t know that”. It actually says everything about our situation under this coach.

Barca lose bit more than that look really really bad

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