Take Kubo : Why losing former la masia wonderkid to Madrid is so dramatic?

Take Kubo : Why losing former la masia wonderkid to Madrid is so dramatic

After a lot of rumors in the past weeks today we recieved the official announcement that Take Kubo will not return to Barca. Furthermore, the Japanese wonderkid, former La Masia player, will sign for Real Madrid instead of Barca. So why is losing a 18 years old from Japan so bad

Bartomeu wakes up late again

It all happened after the hype around him grew in the past few months, and he replaced his agents. Few months ago it was almost certain that Takefusa Kubo will return to Barca, where he played until 2015. Our board and technical staff had a verbal agreement and everything seemed right. However, his new agents wanted an annual salary of 1 Million Euros, and a guaranteed first team promotion after one year.

For the god knows which time, the board “woke up” at the last minute of Kubo’s transfer negotiations. They only did that when they knew that he’s about to go to Madrid. However, Barca offered a salary of 250K annual, and a promotion after two years, and that is far from what Kubo wanted. In that time Real Madrid already offered them what they wanted, and hence the Japanese wonder kid transferred from him team FC Tokyo to Madrid.

And the question is if Bartomeu and the board woke up late and lost Kubo, what will you think happen with De Ligt? Why is this the club’s policy to take action when we almost lost a player? It succeeded with De Jong, but that doesn’t mean it would happen every time.

The business aspect of getting Kubo

Kubo is a very young player, and he might not become a superstar. However, the Japanese market is huge, and even if he won’t become a success, getting him for this small amount of money is very wise business. However, wise business is something that is far from what our board is capable of doing.

The official reason for not paying him was because Barca don’t want to pay 1 Million Euros annually to a Barca B player. However, that didn’t prevent Barca from spending Millions for players no one knows, and turned into nothing. In addition, last week we heard that Barca might buy a 22 years old striker from Cordoba for 4 Millions. So not paying for Kubo has no logical reason.

The moral aspect of getting Kubo back

For those of you who don’t know why Kubo’s left in the first place, here’s why: Kubo came to Barca in 2011 when he was 9 years old, and he made a big impression in his years at the club. Furthermore, in his first full season with the club he was the top scorer with 74 goals in 30 matches.

However, in 2015 Barca recieved the memorable transfer ban because of young players playing for them illegal. One of those players was Kubo, and he and the other kids were forced to leave the club. In addition, he and others had to return to their countries, in order to obey FIFA laws.

Most of those kids’ careers ended because of that bad policy of our “beloved” board. But, Kubo is one of those who survived and actually became a player. So I see it as the team’s obligation to take him back and give this story a happy ending.

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