Report : Key meeting on Mazraoui and Haaland. Christensen close?

According to a report by the reliable Dutch journalist @MikeVerweij: Joan Laporta and Jordi Cruyff visited Mino Raiola in his office in Monaco. They did that to discuss the signings of Haaland and Mazraoui. During the meeting they spoke on Mazraoui’s possible salary since Barcelona won’t have to pay a transfer fee. Moreover, his salary won’t be an issue and the player likes Barça.

Haaland’s salary demands range between €25m-€30m per year. Transfer fee would be €75m.

Earlier today @GoalEspana reported that Erling Haaland’s intention is to be the leader of a winning project. He could make a decision on his future along with his family & agent around the end of March – no decision has been made yet. The chances of staying at Dortmund are slim.

Christensen is getting closer

Yesterday, @FabrizioRomano said that Barça approached both Azpilicueta and Christensen. No full agreement yet. Barcelona and FC Bayern are interested in signing Andreas Christensen since January – still in talks.

However, today @Plettigoal says that at Chelsea they expect that Andreas Christensen will move to Barcelona in the summer as he won’t renew his contract. The players side conveys that a move to Bayern is still possible, but they also talk with Barcelona.

Bottom line

It’s going to be an interesting summer

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