Match Points: Barcelona drop a 3-0 In the 3-3 draw vs Celta

Barcelona dropped the 3-0 lead vs Celta, and it’s something that didn’t happen for a long time. After 276 consecutive wins after leading 3-0, yesterday Barcelona couldn’t get the three points. The last time that happened? In the 1997/98 season – When interim coach Sergi was our Left-Back, and a young 18 years old Xavi started playing for the first team.

I think that the game yesterday is a great reflection of the current state of our team. The first half should how much potential this group of youngsters has. But the second half showed us how much work there is to do. The team just disappeared in the 2nd half, and you can’t allow that to happen. Moreover, Iago Aspas from Celta once again turned into prime Maradonna while facing FC Barcelona.

Now, let’s start talking about the positive and negative takes from the game.

Negative Points

  • Barcelona count more and more injuries in their list. While Nico and Eric’s injuries seem minor, it looks like Ansu will miss the next month. It’s a shame really, because he came back from his long term injury very good. But honestly, I think that our problems in the fitness and medical eras are much worse than our sporting problems. Hamstring injuries like those of Dembele and Ansu are a clear outcome of bad fitness level. And you can’t have that in an elite club. I believe Xavi will make fast changes in those eras.
  • Ter Stegen doesn’t look like himself for a long period of time. Yesteday he coneded 3 out if 4 shots on target.
  • Honestly, I felt like Barcelona are going to drop the lead ever since Celta scored their first goal. There’s something fundamentally wrong with our mentality. You just can’t be so fragile and completely lose your game plan.
  • Xavi will start working on Monday with a very bad environment. He will have to cope with 11 players out with injuries. Moreover, he will miss his players on international duties. After the break, Barcelona will somehow try to turn their current situation around – 9th in La Liga and having to fight their way to the next stage of the Champions League. Good luck.

Positive Points

  • The youngsters run the show again. Ansu and Nico had a brilliant first half, and I really enjoyed the way we played. With players like Gavi, Pedri, Eric, Araujo, Dest and others – The amount of talent is just enormous.
  • Sergi ends his interim period in the job with 2 draws and a win. Not impressive, but not awful. He took the job in a very difficult time, and he avoid a disaster. However, Barça wasn’t great under him either. He will return to Barcelona B, and it will be interesting to see the effect on the youngsters. In the meantime Albert Capellas coached Barcelona B, and did great.
  • It’s time to smile, as the Xavi era begins today! His presentation will take place in Monday. It will be interesting to see how he will cope with the long list of injuries the team currently has. However, I’m sensing an optimistic feeling in the air, and we should expect the team to look a lot better soon. We have to be patient, and don’t expect trophies right away. But at least let us enjoy our team more.

Bottom Line

A new era begins in which hopefully we won’t see displays like Barcelona vs Celta in the 2nd half yesterday. Xavi went to see Barcelona B thrash the second team of Sevilla yesterday. Wonderkid Ilias had an amazing game with a brace. I expect him to get the call soon.

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