FC Barcelona board works very hard to close an urgent contract renewal to some of their players. Let’s have a look at the contract situation of some of them, right now in Barcelona


It’s already official. Pedri’s contract renewal is sealed. He has renewed his contract until 2026. The contract also includes a whopping 1 billion Euro release clause, which is the highest in Barcelona’s history till date. Not even oil clubs can have a sniff around the Euro 2020 U21 Player Of The Tournament now. According to several reliable reports, Pedri’s salary has also been increased to adapt to his role and importance at the club. He is one of the players called upon to lead the club in the future.


After Pedri, Barça will focus on Ansu Fati’s contract. His current contract ends next summer, in June 2022. Barcelona apparently have the option to unilaterally extend it for 2 more years but his agent Jorge Mendes argues that it is not valid since the previous contract was signed when Ansu was still a minor. In any case, Barça want to offer a longer contract with a wage increase under the proximity of the current financial situation.

Ansu only wants to continue at Barcelona, nothing else. On Wednesday, Mendes was in Barcelona. But reliable Albert Rogue of SPORT reported on Thursday morning that Mendes only met with Ansu and his family and not with the club. He also stated that the positions are not close yet and a lot is left to be agreed upon. However, the willingness of all parties is to seal the deal as soon as possible. Barcelona consider him extremely vital and giving him Messi’s #10 shirt was a proof. Negotiations will continue and a positive outcome is expected soon.


Sergi Roberto’s contract renewal seemed imminent few days ago. It would have also included a substantial salary reduction. However, the negotiations have stalled, not collapsed, and they have to start everything from scratch. Barça’s 3rd captain prioritizes staying at the club. Everything seemed to be agreed over an extension until 2024 but the matter is not progressing as expected. His agent, Josep Maria Orobitg, confirmed recently to Mundo Deportivo that negotiations have indeed stalled but they can be restarted any time. Reliable Victor Nahe of COPE reported few days ago that the club initially wanted to reduce his wage by up to 50%. They didn’t reach and agreement and then Barça made another offer (approximately 30% reduction) yet no agreement.

The same journalist added on Thursday that Barça made an offer and then a counter offer was made by Roberto’s representative. The matter was left there and they agreed to negotiate later. Barça have prioritized other matters like the renewals of Ansu and Pedri. As of now no new meeting is scheduled between the club and the player’s representative. He is the only captain who is yet to make an economic sacrifice and help the club in this dire situation. On Wednesday night, reliable TV3 reported that scenarios are possible including him leaving Barcelona at the end of the season. His situation and how it develops is one to keep an eye on.


While Ousmane Dembele continues to recover from his injury, negotiations over his contract renewal continue. His current contract ends in June 2022 and he is free to negotiate and sign a pre-contract with any club starting from January. President Joan Laporta apparently admires Dembele a lot, it has been reported in the media ever since he came into power in March. Barcelona want to renew his contract. They consider him a player with different profile who can unsettle the opposition and also, he is still young. Moreover, the club would not like to lose a player for free on whom they, albeit Bartomeu’s board, spent 135m in 2017.

Now, according to several reliable reports Dembele only wants to stay at Barça. But Barça believe that his agent Moussa Sissoko is trying to drag the negotiations to get better offers from other clubs. Remember that Manchester United, Liverpool and Juventus have been keen on signing him in recent years. If they sign for a club for free, they would also be able to collect a hefty bonus as well. Barça’s recent offer was a 3-year extension along with a salary reduction. His current salary is 12m gross. The player is open to accepting it. Now we have to wait and watch how the situation develops. The longer it drags, more worrying the situation gets.


Both jewels end their current contract in 2023. After sealing the renewals of Pedri, already done, and Ansu Fati the focus will shift to their renewals. Gavi still has a record and salary of the youth teams and also a 50m release clause as of now. Considering his meteoric rise, it would be natural to see clubs circling him. Barcelona want to shield him as well as Araujo. Talks have already started with the agents of both players.

Both of them prioritize staying at Barça but it is not imminent yet. Negotiations are still at an embryotic stage but there is good will among parties. Their salaries are also expected to be increased considering their role in the team. According to ever reliable Fabrizio Romano, Gavi’s new contract will be until 2026. His salary will increase season by season. Also, Gavi will probably become a permanent member of the first team next season. FYI: Araujo has two agents, one in Europe and another in his native Uruguay.

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