Sabotage FC? Barcelona draws vs Granada, but doesn’t look like Barça

I’ll admit it. Never seen FC Barcelona play like they did vs Granada tonight. This “Cross & Pray” tactic might worked eventually, with Araujo’s preventing the loss. However, this isn’t Barcelona. Playing 15 minutes with Luuk de Jong, Pique and Araujo as our strikers is just desperate approach. Yeah it might worked, but it looks nothing like the team that we love.

Personally, I started looking at FC Barcelona in the mid 90’s. For a kid back then the Cruyff football was the hottest trend out there. With players like Stoichkov, Laudrup, Romario and Pep, it was easy to fall in love with this team. But there was another one, at the back, Ronald Koeman. I loved him and I still do, because he’s a club legend, the hero of Wembley.

However, as a coach Koeman is as far as it can be from the philosophy of Johan Cruyff. Moreover, it seems like Koeman lacks some very basic Tactical abilities. It’s always like that: If plan A doesn’t work, Koeman just send everyone remotely attacking to the field in the search of a goal. However, not always it works. Moreover, it never works vs big teams.

Will Koeman leave Barcelona?

I really think that if Barcelona would lose the game tonight vs Granada, we would see Laporta say “Enough is Enough” and sack him. No matter how bad it will be economically. And it will be. Bartomeu did another business disasterclass in signing him for two years although he knew that he won’t continue as a president after 2021. Moreover, sacking him without giving him a 3rd season might cost Barcelona money in compensation to the Dutch FA.

After the draw tonight, I think Koeman will stay. For now. We play in 3 days so it won’t be too logical to sack him.

Personally, I think that we need to let him go as soon as possible in order to save something from this season. It might be too late if we wait more time. We need a new, young, tactically smart coach who will take this club and move it forward.

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