Match Points : FC Barcelona finally play well in the 3-0 win vs Levante

I really missed enjoying Barcelona play like they did yesterday in the win vs Levante. Finally saw us domintating the possession, but playing effective football. Moreover, of course, the return of Ansu Fati turned this game into a future memory. Every Cule will remember how Ansu came on after 10 months, scoring the 3rd goal for Barcelona vs Levante. Him running to the stands to hug the doctor made it even more special.

Our live coverage yesterday

And yeah, it was only Levante, and they played really bad. However, Granada and Cadiz aren’t elite clubs either. But if this game showed us something is that once again, the best way for Barça to play is the Barça way. This is the only way La Masia players know. So why change that? Moreover, if we were able to look good without so many players out, there is a squad to work with.

Good points

  • Ansu Fati back vs Levanta is just the best news that any Barcelona fan could hear. But the goal made it even better yesterday. Ansu showed us that he still got it. The man is just built for these occasions. Hopefully, with each game he will get even better, and we will see him return to the starting lineup in few weeks. However, it’s also important to give him time, as he just returned. Yesterday was a great kickoff to his season. Just like the crazy start of last season. But the most important thing for him now is to stay healthy.
  • Gavi and Nico did really well, as they both started alongside Busquets at midfield. Nico looked like he’s learning from Busquets, while Gavi is just a magician. I think that us Barcelona fans should really thank both Ilaix Moriba and Gini Wijnaldum. Them not being part of the Barcelona squad made the room for both of them to play at the first team. We might just earned ourselves 2 midfielders for the next decade.
  • Dest did well too. Playing in the LB was something that happened because of the injuries of both Alba and Balde. But he did well, especially in attack. He still has a lot of room to grow, but he has the potential to be elite fullback.
  • 9 La Masia / Barcelona B graduates played yesterday vs Levante. This is just amazing. Give me more like that.
  • We didn’t suddenly become UCL contenedrs yesterday. But I would lose playing like this then drawing or even narrow winning playing like we did vs Granada and Cadiz. Jus let us play our own way. In the old movie “Cool Runnings” the Jamaican bobsled team tried to play like the Germans. But in the last part of the film they say: “The best I can be is Jamaican. Look… I’m telling you as a friend if we look Jamaican, walk Jamaican, talk Jamaican and is Jamaican, then we sure as hell better bobsled Jamaican.”. So if we look like Barça, talk like Barça and are Barça, then play like Barça!
  • Riqui Puig playing 30 minutes is just great. He adds something to our play, and he should play much more.

Bad points

  • Coutinho started pretty well in a more familiar position. But then he lost his rhythm a little bit. He’s still coming back from his long term injury, so let’s give him time.
  • Demir looks a little lost so far, but it’s natural, so don’t judge him already. He’s 18 years old and came from a totally different league, and a much slower pace. We should ease him in and just let him progress from game to game.

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