La Masia player to watch : Ilias Akhomach

After making his official debut for Barcelona B against Andorra Ilias Akhomach became the youngest player to debut for Barça B in Segunda B. Moreover, he’s the second youngest ever after Alejandro Grimaldo, who made his debut at the age of 15 years 11 months and 15 days. After making headlines, Ilias made his official debut for Juvenil A the next day appearing from the bench in the second half of the match, showcasing his brilliant talent.

Time At La Masia

Ilias Akhomach was born in Igualada, in the province of Barcelona. He began playing football at his hometown club, Hostalets de Pierola. Later he joined Barcelona famous La Masia academy making into Prebenjamín squad. During his last year in Alevín squad, Barcelona decided not to promote him to 11-side football and he was forced to leave La Masia.

In 2016 he moved to Nàstic de Tarragona, where he managed to develop massively and managed to stood out multiple times against Barcelona youth teams. After impressing Ilias received multiple offers from top European clubs including Real Madrid, however, eventually decided to come back to Barcelona. Ilias joined Infantil A team and in 2018/2019 season he exploded while playing for Cadet B team, where he received much more recognition. On April 8, 2019, he made his debut for Cadet A and scored an important goal.

In 2020 he was officially promoted to Juvenil A side making his debut against Europa and only at the age of 16 years of age training with Barcelona B side and already accumulated some minutes for them during pre-season and making his debut against Andorra in a league game.

Playing style

Ilias Akhomach natural position is right-winger, who likes to cut inside with his dominant left foot. Moreover, he can play as a left-winger, attacking midfielder or as a false nine. He idolizes players like Lionel Messi, Hakim Ziyech and Riyad Mahrez, which can be apparent in the way he plays.

Ilias Akhomach is a fast player with extraordinary balance and technique. Moreover, he is not afraid to take on a few people at the same time. He is amazing in tight spaces and can be creative. He easily able to find free space to run into, find a pass to break through the defensive line and has accurate long balls. Ilias is an elegant and intelligent player, especially on the ball, who is a nightmare for defenders to cover him, as he is unpredictable and creates havoc in the opposition half.

What does the future holds for Ilias Akhomach?

After making so much noise in recent weeks, Ilias should keep improving his game. Furthermore, he should have his mentality in the right place. He has a lot to improve before becoming a regular at Barcelona B. For example, his decision making, finishing chances as can be noticed in the recent games. He lacks experience should establish himself in Juvenil A team.

We can expect him to get some minutes with the B team. That will help him to develop into a player every Barcelona fan could enjoy. This season he is eligible to participate UEFA Youth League and could impress in the tournament. Ilias has a lot of potential, but needs calmness and people should let him play football the way he enjoys. By not pressuring him, eventually, we could see him develop into one of the most entertaining players.

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