Samuel Umtiti is officially injured… Again!

umtiti injured again

OFFICIAL: Umtiti injured his right leg in training. His recovery will determine how long he will be out for. Oh well, this is the beginning. After two months without training, injuries were predicted. Well, we’re on the secondday and here’s the first victim: Samuel Umtiti.

Recurrent injuries on his right knee since the 2018 World Cup, Samuel finally seemed fit under Sétien. Despite not performing the best, Sétien looked like he wanted to trust Umtiti, perfect for his system when fit. Alas, refusing the surgery haunts him until this day, and despite there’s no date, I expect ‘Bigsam’ to be out for at least three weeks.

This reality amplifies the need for five substitutions/game, with likely fitness issues due to the high intensity of the games following two months without football, injuries are to expected. Even before games, the problem has been revealed. It’s the second day, and the first injury is open to our eyes.

I expect a longer list. While Suarez looks fitter than ever, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a long list of injuries in the next weeks, or next month. While the forced break allowed injured players to rest, the forced restart may do the reverse effect. Overworking their muscles will be very easy, and despite Setien’s staff has lightened the training sessions, here’s the result.

However, a report recently came out saying Sétien would like to see Todibo from his own eyes before the board include him in a deal. Todibo could shine, being the third CB behind Piqué and Lenglet, with Umtiti injured. I hope these injuries give more time to the younger boys, though I do not wish any injuries to any member.

Bumpy ride for Samuel Umtiti at Barcelona

Samuel Umtiti had a wonderful 17/18 season. Strong physically but fit perfectly in our game. It looked like we got the next defender. Yet, after the 2018 WC, Samuel got injured in the knee. A big mistake he’d do that he probably regrets now: Refusing to take surgery.

Samuel Umtiti’s future is in the air. It looks like he’s staying, but it remains a question whether he should. Because the former ‘Bigsam’ is only a shadow of his former self, due to his recurring knee problems.

Lenglet came in to replace him. From Seville, Lenglet has managed to rise through his hardwork and composite. Unlike Samuel, he isn’t as strong physically and isn’t as good as Samuel’s prime, yet the Frenchman has established himself as a starter.

However, so far Umtiti has been preferred under Setien’s tenure until his new injury. Umtiti enjoyed more minutes, despite Lenglet hasn’t changed much. Of course, we may wonder why that is so.

It’s important to keep in mind we have two profiles. On one hand, Lenglet, who prefers to not travel much and stays compact in a low backline. On the other hand, Umtiti, physically strong, prefers to play a highline, where he can often break the lines by acting as a midfielder at times.

Considering Umtiti’s profile and Setien’s tactics, it makes sense to understand why Bigsam has been preferred to Lenglet. Setien wants adventurous defenders while he prefers to use a high line, and thus, Umtiti. However, I don’t think any of the two should look to leave soon.

I myself wanted Umtiti to leave, but with Setien’s arrival, Bigsam might establish himself again, despite a few fans want him out. He looked as deadwood, but maybe Setien can bring him up again? I don’t think it’s possible to see him back at his prime, especially with his prone to injuries. But his unique profile is certainly a reason to keep him around.

Get well soon @samumtiti Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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