FC Barcelona news : The saga continues – new appointments

By now, most of all know the main story in the FC Barcelona news these days. Six prominents members resigned last week, including former vice president Emili Rousaud. A few events have occured since then: Rousaud coming out to leak a few informations to the press, Victor Font’s letter including a few demands, and the club released an official statement covering these topics along the coronavirus pandemic.

Following the rumours of Bartomeu planning to change the internal structure, Font came out with three essential demands:

I. Explain the debt transparently.

It’s no secret that our beloved club is filled with problems. More than sportive issues, Barcelona is facing economical issues. In fact, it’s been reported in 2019 that the club’s debt was around 888M€, a horrific number for Barcelona. If it had been projected to come down to 300M by this year, it’s clear there are a couple problems around the economical management of the club.

Victor Font asks the board to explain transparently and how this affects the short term. Long term planning may be important, but so is short term too. Font wants to know to be able to properly plan.

II. Delay non essential structural decision & delay the project Espai Barça.

Spanish media had reported Bartomeu was planning to change the internal structure concerning the Board after the 6 resignations. Font asks Bartomeu to delay it until the end of the COVID-19. The Project Espai Barça has been talked about for a while. For those who don’t know, this project aims to extend the Camp Nou facilities, supposed to start this summer. Font asks Bartomeu to delay the project until the next boar elections. (in 2021) to continue the project.

Another reason Font asks Bartomeu to delay the internal change :“It’s hard to spread awareness around our project with the pandemic, as we are very limited”.

III.  Offer a maximum of transparency concerning operations involving players.

Consequent to the COVID-19 pandemic, salaries had to be lowered. If it seems simple, the media had said the players weren’t willing to give 70% of their salary, as the board tried to make the players look bad. Yet, this was refuted by the player’s open letter. In other words, a supposed simple operation became a big scandal.

Coupled with the Barçagate, the board has done some shady deals in the past involving players. Font asks Barça to be transparent when it involves operations including players such as transfers.

This was Font’s letter barely a few days ago. As said previously, FC Barcelona came out recently in an open statement with the following points:

1. New appointments 

Following the 6 members that have resigned, the board was left with only 13 members. Positions had to be filled as a consequence. Jordi Moix is now the Vice-President concernings economics; Pau Vilanova, the institutional VP;Oriol Tomàs, VP of Commercial sector. David Bellver is now treasurer, whilst Marta Plana Secretary of the Executive Board.

Furthermore, J.Bordas is now responsible for the first team. Xavier Vilajoana of the B team & Bladé will be responsible for the transparency Committee.

These names are familiar. Moix was responsible for the Espai Barca project.Tomas & Vilanova are members of the board since 2015.

As such there isn’t much change. Yet Font had asked to not remodel the board under these circumstances, but this didn’t matter to Bartomeu of course.

We can now assume Bartomeu has only ‘trustworthy’ people around him for his last year as Barcelona’s president.

2. Criminal actions against Emili Rousaud.

The war has started. Just before Rousaud resigned, the former Vice president came out in an interview to leak a few informations. Amongst them, saying pre-elections would have taken place by June 2020 if Bartomeu hadn’t blocked the vote. To not forget Barcagate.

As a consequence of these claims, Barcelona has stated these claims were “unacceptable” and refuted them. As a consequence, another legal case amongst many others: the club will sue Rousaud. This give a rather political image pro-Bartomeu instead of an actual football club, as this is not the first charge. Barcelona stated that the PWC-in charge of the analysis of the Barcagate-couldn’t complete its analysis, due to the limitations caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The club denies Rousaud’s charges.

3. Implications in the fight against the coronavirus

The club stated that it have given donations for the COVID-19. The club also gave facilities for medical use.

Alas, it looks as if the club is trying to boast the help it gives rather than purely charity like it’s supposed too.

Off the pitch issues don’t seem like they are going to end. Instead it seems as it gets worse everyday. More to follow soon.

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