Gerard Piqué : The real president or a problem for the club?

Gerard Piqué

Since Puyol ended in 2014 with Barcelona, the Blaugranas have lacked of a player that would voice their opinion-Yet one is known to always have been like that: Gerard Piqué.

Piqué himself had learned under Puyol, as Puyol pretty much was his mentor. In recent interview, Piqué came out to say ‘I only get 4-5 of sleep’. To be honest, this statement is very disappointing. In 2018, the defenders had said ‘We have to teach Dembele that football is 24h’. Yet, Piqué himself isn’t reflecting it. As he organizes a bit of the Davies cup,famous big tennis tournament. Piqué knows how much time football takes-A lot. He also knew the consequences if he’d engage in the Davies cup.

These 4-5 hours of sleep clearly explain why he should play less. Therefore, Valverde shouldn’t always play him if he barely gets 4-5 hours of sleep.

The real president?

Under a president like Laporta, it would have never been possible. So, these comments disappointed many as you wouldn’t expect such statements from ‘El Presidente’. Yet, Gerrard came out a bit more recently, commenting about the team’s recent performances. And that’s when you recognize the real ‘El Presidente’.

“Can we play better? Of course, but there is still a lot of the season left. “Barca is the least result-focused team in the world. It’s not enough to win, the fans have made that clear”. ‘We have to win playing well and it’s true that right now we are not at the level that we should be.’ All of these statements show he knows it’s not enough. He was in the 2009 team. Winning isn’t enough,winning with style is – until perfection will be reached.

Moreover, Piqué went in to say: “We talk a lot about it in the locker room”, showing the team knows they need to perform better. Will we be the Barça we went to see at the end of the season? I don’t know, but the players are up for improvement.

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