Why you hate Messi and why I don’t care?

@Dphdofficial decided to give his opinion about the question- why do people hate Messi ? Here’s why:

It’s evident that to begin with, u were warmly sitting at home, comfortably watching 2000’s Era of Football unfold, when all of a sudden this small 5”7 man comes out of nowhere and starts doing some crazy shit. It makes u feel on edge a bit if you were a Ronaldo stan, u are shook.

It’s at a point where he seems like a threat but a distant threat, I mean he’s doing his own thing in Spain, and if you don’t support an oppositional La Liga side you’re currently chilling. I mean, at this point he’s only hurting Madrid.

Starting to hurt Europe

Then, Messi emerges out of nowhere and really makes an impact on Europe, after already giving Chelsea warning signs.

Then, Messi really hits Europe and like that fly that you can’t swat he’s making a massive buzz and it’s starting to get more than irritating.

The Messi vs Cristiano debate

The Ronaldo V Messi debate grows larger and most people with a functioning brain starts to understand Messi is better, however as a Ronaldo fan you refuse to accept Messi or admit his greatness so you brush him off. Which is Fatal Mistake Number 1.

Fatal mistake number one leads to Messi not only scoring, not only scoring a world class goal, but scoring a header when Ronaldo was considered the physically superior. Against an English Team, in a Final. At this point, you either adore him or he’s under your skin.

The reason i don’t care that you hate Messi is because if someone did this to my idol and favourite team I’d probably hate him too.

With the addition of the ‘Chelsea scandal’ in that same year, a stigma is created around Messi and Barcelona. But Messi’s stats keep shooting up.

The ‘Goat’ is here

Football domination. He’s on your TV, in the news on the radio on your screens, everywhere. It starts to become unbearable and hating on success is easy. 91 goals in a year.

At this point anything you could say against Messi becomes pretty pathetic and out of desperation. Oh yeah, FIFA gets bored and start loosing money from Messi’s monopoly, so Ronaldo gets a few sympathy Balon d’Ors.

To be honest imagining myself on the other side of Messi started making myself mad. All jokes aside.

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