Neymar to Barça. Rakitic and Dembele to PSG ?

As Neymar edges closer to Barça, it seems like a player or two move the other way. Will Rakitic and Dembele be a part of the Neymar deal? @Blaugranagram with the full story:

Barça offered Rakitic, Ousmane Dembélé on a one-year loan, and around €130M for Ney. That formula could convince PSG. Furthernore, Barça doesn’t view Dembélé’s loan as a punishment, but as a way of him recovering his form & benefitting Barça when he’s back. [SPORT & L’Equipe]

L’Equipe say the sum is over €130M, SPORT say it’s €125M. But they both agree on the players included & SPORT say the loan move isn’t done to hurt Dembélé, but to strengthen him.

Also, Rakitic’ move would be a transfer, and he’s told Barça that he would accept that move, despite telling the press that he wants to stay. His agent is also pushing him towards PSG.

Rakitic agrees to move, but Dembele not yet

Rakitic is open to the idea of joining PSG. As for Dembélé, he isn’t convinced yet, and PSG await his final decision. [SPORT & @SoccerLink_]

SoccerLink say Ivan is willing to accept a move to PSG despite what he’s told the press & that his agent is pushing for it. SPORT say he’s told Barça he’d accept a move. Both outlets agree on that. Both outlets say Dembélé isn’t convinced & SPORT say PSG await his final decision.

Ousmane Dembélé’s agent, Moussa Sissoko, DENIES the possibility of Dembélé leaving to Paris for Neymar: “Ousmane is 100% staying in Barcelona. There’s no chance of him leaving. He wants to, and will, stay & win [games & trophies] with Barcelona.” [@JulienMaynard, Téléfoot]

I think they’ll find a solution with or without Dembélé – but obviously his inclusion would make it easier.

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