Juan David Fuentes – the kid of 103 goals

Juan David Fuentes

Juan David Fuentes – the kid of 103 goals

Born in the north of Colombia, Juan David Fuentes is one of the most promising forwards at La Masia today. He is so talented that both Spanish and Colombian National teams want him to play for them. Translated from an article by ‘Sport’.

When ‘Juanda’ turned 4 years old, his family moved to Spain in search for a better life. The main passion for ‘Juanda’ is giving his parents a better life. The first team he played for was ‘Montcada’, where he scored 103 goals in one season. His great performances made both Barca and Valencia interested in Juan David Fuentes. In the end, Juanda signed for Barca.

Life in Barcelona

The adaption of Juan David Fuentes for his new club was very good. He clearly made a name as one of the more prolific forwards in ‘La Masia’, while playing for Cadete B team. However, after spending some time out due to injuries, he returned to play, this time for Cadete A.

The great performances of Juanda made the Spanish NT interested in his situation. However, after some trainings with the under 16 NT, Juanda decided to play for Colombia. But then, the Colombian under 17 NT called Juanda for the preparations for the South American under 17 championship.

The last decision of Juanda whether he will play for Colombia or Spain will be decided if and when he’ll get a senior team call. However it is clear that the thing that is most important for Juanda is to make his family happy. And how happy will his family be if Juanda will play for Barca.

The forward, who can play as a winger or as a striker, is a player with great future. He will turn 16 in the next May, and the club will look for the best way to secure his future with the team. However, if Juandra will contunie with his good perfomances, it won’t matter if he’d be considered as a Colombian or as a Spanish. So long he will play for Barca.

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