Barça Legend : Samuel Eto’o, The lion

Africa has produced some of the greatest players to have graced the pitch of football. Fc Barcelona has been lucky to witness one of the finest products of Africa playing for them. We are talking about Samuel Eto’o. The man who saw so many ups and great things in his career actually started from very humble beginnings. It is an honor to even, talk about a talent like him. Playing for 5 seasons at Barcelona he established himself as a club legend. Possibly, some may even, call him the best striker to have played for the club. Nonetheless, he was a force to be reckoned with and a privilege for Fc Barcelona to have a player like him.

A delightful career at Barcelona

It is always hard for African players to catch the eyes of top European clubs. That is due to improper infrastructure and opportunities given to them. The same happened with Samuel Eto’o. Despite him being such a talented player, he hardly got any chances in his initial career. Eto’o had the chance to play for Real Madrid. But he never got the deserved recognition at the club. He played only 3 games for Real Madrid. Still, to honor his contract he was sent on loans throughout his term for Madrid. He got his first big break when he signed for the Catalan giants in 2004. Barcelona signed Eto’o for 24 million Euros. At that time it was an expensive transfer. But Barça showed their faith in the player.

Eto’o grew more and more like a perfect striker. He had speed, physicality, and finishing prowess. That made him one of the most feared strikers of that time. He has a kind of career that any striker would want to replicate.

Some top moments by a top player for the club

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Eto’o had contributed a lot. Barça might not have seen the heights that it did in the 2000s if Eto’o was not there. He had a massive contribution to Barça’s 2nd CL trophy. He scored 6 goals that campaign and in the final, he drew the foul against the keeper which got the keeper a red card. Barça played the final with a man advantage and Eto’o sealed the victory with his goal. His efforts won him the Uefa Best Forward that season. Despite him being such an amazing striker his career with Barcelona kind of was on and off due to the injuries. In 2007 he got an injury that sidelined him for months. But that rough patch of physical issues was not enough to break a player of that caliber.

Eto’o returned better than ever. He scored 16 goals in just 18 games and scored his first hattrick that season against Levante. One of the most iconic moments for the player would be his 100th goal for the club. Which came after his brace against Real Betis on February 14th, 2009. He was a crucial part of the prime Fc Barcelona in 2009. The iconic team that won sextuple would never have been completed without the African. He scored the first goal against Man U in the champions league final and helped the club secure a treble that season.

He won every possible trophy with Barça. In his 5 seasons with the club he won La Liga thrice, won Copa Del Rey in 2008-09, Won Super Copa de Espana twice, and to put a cherry on top he won 2 Champions League. Samuel Eto’o was an indestructible force. His attitude to never give up made him a legend for FC Barcelona.

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