Just in Time : La Liga announce a deal to help clubs financially

La Liga confirms a principle agreement with CVC to inject €2,7b into the competition and the clubs. #LaLiga

According to @ffpolo, the agreement between La Liga and CVC to inject €2,7b into the competition will allow FC Barcelona to register Leo Messi and the rest of signings in the competition almost instantaneously.

Once the agreement to inject €2.7B is finalised, Barcelona will get around €270m and Real Madrid around €260m immediately.

Barça will renew Messi, Madrid may sign Mbappé or whatever the clubs consider appropriate.

Following the cash injection by La Liga, Barcelona will be able to register Lionel Messi and the new signings without any problem.

The agreement with the Argentine could be official by tomorrow.

According to reports, Barcelona will receive something around €240m-€270m following the cash injection. As per Marca, clubs will be able to use 15% of the amount received for transfers. For Barça it will be approximately €40m.

Esport3 reports that Barcelona and Real Madrid could immediately receive around €240m following the cash injection.

Registering Meesi and the new signings won’t be a problem now.

It would also provide a small share for lower-level football and women’s football.

Samuel Marsden: “This money is not going to fund a transfer splurge, guys. Barça still have significant work to do to reduce the wage bill, but every little helps & this is welcome news for the club… and especially for LaLiga’s plans to grow”.

So if anyone is expecting Haaland now, don’t. But we may see names like Laporte and Lisandro Martinez appear.

But the salary cut negotiations might be harder now. Moreover, Lenglet and Umtiti should leave first so that there would be room in the squad for a new defender.

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