Why is it so important to get rid of the Bartomeu board now?

The Motion for a vote of no confidence is reaching its final day. By tomorrow, the organizers must reach the milestone of 16,500 signatures, in order to force elections. According to @Mesqueunamocio, by yesterday afternoon they counted 14,100. However, it is still unknown if that includes the 920 signatures from yesterday that Victor font counted last night. Bartomeu and his board must feel pretty anxious right now.

Meanwhile, some voices in Barcelona say that although the board is aweful, the vote of no confidence is unnecessary. According to them, the elections are in six months, so why should we add to the instability in our club? This is actually a very good answer that I hope that I could answer here. But let’s just say in advance – it’s a question of how much time do we want to lose in the rebuilding process?

A month passed since we experienced our biggest humiliation in modern time. Afterwards, Bartomeu and his board talked about a sport crisis, and no financial crisis. Moreover, the spoke about a rebuilding process that the club needs right now. Koeman arrived and started the “Revolution”.

A month later, Barcelona sold only one player – Ivan Rakitic. Moreover, no players arrived besides those who signed months ago. Meanwhile, we hear more and more how the club has no money to sign. So we’re stuck with more than 30 players, many of them are not in the plans of Koeman. Hopefully, we’ll see some changes in the next day – Departures and Arrivals.

So let’s think about 2 possible scenarios – Elections in March and Elections now.

Scenario 1: Elections in March

In this scenario, the vote of no confidence doesn’t reach its destination, and the Bartomeu board stays in office until the elections on March. However, knowing that they’re about to leave the office, Bartomeu and his pals will think about their own survival, and not about the club. There will be no long-term planning, and nothing to play for next season.

You see, the main goal of Bartomeu is to approve the club’s budget in the Socio assembly in October. In case that the club reports big losses, the next board will take Bartomeu to court and he will have to cover the losses from his own money. Elections in March will give Bartomeu enough time to do his tricks in order to balance the books. Those tricks will of course be on the expense of the club, like the Arthur – Pjanic deal.

But, even if Bartomeu was a saint and wouldn’t take decisions against the club, elections in March mean that the first day of the new president at the office will be in May. That’s the end of an almost two months of transition process. Therefore, the new board will have less time to make the necessary plans and changes. Leo Messi will have more time to negotiate with other clubs, talents will agree on deals with other clubs, and more.

We’ll not only get to the 2020/21 season without a proper plan, but also to the 2021/22 season.

Scenario 2: Bartomeu and his board leave NOW

Fans furius on Bartomeu now that Messi wants to leave

There are two phases in the motion to replace the board. The first one is to get the 16,500 signatures in order to force the club a vote of no confidence. The second phase is the vote itself. For the board to leave, the 66% of the voters must vote for the Bartomeu board’s resignation. In that case, the board finally get out from our club.

In that scenario, a transition board will take place and they will not be allowed to take any long term decision. But in that case, the new board might start working by the start of 2021. That will give them more than enough time to assess the club’s current situation, and plan the future properly.

Needless to say that the second scenario is the more “healthy” scenario for our club. But it’s the worst scenario for Bartomeu, Rosell, ‘Grupo Godo’ and their pals: ‘Sport’, ‘Mundo Deportivo’, ‘La Vanguardia’ and more.

There’s still a way to go, but we need to stay positive and hope for a better board soon.

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