Mocio2020 : Heroes of the day : Michal Gajdek and his “Crazy” friends

We are in the middle of a battle on the future of FC Barcelona. As the global fans of our club want to see the resigning of the board, local fans are still a little quiet. But still, we should say that in these days, with the whole Covid-19 crisis, the effort itself worth a mention. However, without big live events, and without massive tourism of global Socios – The Mocio2020 is an almost impossible task. But the fact that we’re even close to achieving the goal, makes you realize how severe our club’s situation is.

As we’re getting closer to the deadline of the motion, some fans became the heroes of the day. Michal Gajdek and his ‘Socio team’ from Poland flew all the way from Poland to Barcelona. After a stop in Berlin, they arrived to Barcelona for just 24 hours, signed the petition and returned home.

Too often local Barcelona fans treat the global fans of FC Barcelona as less important. But what they don’t realize is that the global fans love the club just as much as they do. Yeah we can’t go and visit the Camp nou every week, and most of us don’t do that every year. However, we pay good money on merchandise, and we care about the state of the club.

Next time people like Presidential candidate Toni Freixa call the global fans “Bots”, remember people like Michal Gajdek and his friends. They are the true, unbiased fans, who do not let the local media confuse them. You won’t hear about them in Mundo Deportivo, Sport or Rac1. But they are true heroes, and if the mocio2020 task will somehow succeed, we would have to thank them.

Michal Gajdek – Did something I believe will help the club I love

As they returned to Poland, Michal Gajdek said: “Guys. I’m already back in Warsaw with the cards. Once again thanks a LOT for all your comments! So much positive energy, but really I did nothing special. Just used the weekend to do something I believe will help the club I love. Together we will succeed! #MocioFCB #BartomeuOUT

Also, this action is a team effort of Polish socios, everyone who will sign the motion and not only in Poland.”

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