Todibout? Loan out The talents of Barcelona – A good or bad solution?

Todibout? Loan out The talents of Barcelona - A good or bad solution?

Although he’s not a La masia graduate, Todibo is part of one of the biggest problems of Barcelona. The club doesn’t seem to believe in the talents they have, either from inside or outside the club. However, if we loan out the young talents of Barcelona it will solve the problem? By Tikitakaxbarca.

Barça has always based on its youth rather than on transfer. It’s what made us special. La Masia had a global reputation. But what happens when the youth doesn’t manage to break into the first team?

It is no secret that La Masia is living it’s worse moments. More and more lineup are found where barely one player comes from the academy. Does it mean we don’t have talents anymore? No. Does it mean they are not good enough for the first team? No.

We have more than one more talent available. Puig, Collado, Araujo, Todibo, Aleña – The list could go on. However, most of them have barely got any minutesץ Aleña & Todibo, who are in the first team, barely played. Reminder that last time Aleña played was 3 months ago. What now?

Is loaning a player a good solution?

Many culés have pushed for loans. In fact, many fans believe that the youngsters first need experience in order to be able to start in the big club that Barça is. However, loans have rarely been successful. If they do give experience(/Maturity), they don’t give you what home gives: The Barça DNA. Often, the teams buy then these loanees, as they know how to use them.

Should we loan Todibo? I don’t think so. It is true that he is struggling to have time as Lenglet & Piqué are often Valverde’s choice. It had also been said Ernesto prefers Barça B defender Auraujo to Todibo-Whether that’s true is another question.

Fact of the matter is that we bought Todibo to succeed to Piqué. Will he be as great as Gerrard? I doubt it. Should we give him more chances? Certainly.
However, with all the suspensions, as well as the recent injuries, Todibo may have chances.

Todibo is unlucky that Umtiti is getting his form back-But it also means his french connection may help Jean-Clair. Todibo’s confidence on the ball is amazing. He’ll have to fight hard in order to gain a place.

I don’t believe he should be loaned. Only gradually get chances, whole giving rest to Piqué. If it doesn’t work with him, let Araujo get the chances.

Do you think we should loan out the Barcelona talents in order for them to gain experience? Write your opinion in the comment section below

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