Should we see Marcelo Gallardo replacing Valverde in the summer?

marcelo gallardo

We previously talked about Koeman, yet another name has appeared to be seriously considered to become EV’s successor: Marcelo Gallardo.

Now he’s different. He had been a great player for River Plate already, along PSG & Monaco. Yet he received his old club River Plate.

A different tactical approach?

His formations? Well in theory it’s a 4-3-1-2, but in case it doesn’t work out, he often liked to switch to a 4-2-2-2, even if he also uses lots of variations of both formations.

Like us, it’s possesion based football. And what I love about his formations, is that he loves using triangles-Usually he tries to have a superiority already in the midfield. He loves to use ‘Half-spaces’, which is basically leaving tight spaces behind during the play. Usually, he attack through the center-during a counter attack, you rarely see passing from the center to wide wingers.

However, his passing style is incredible. If I dislike his use of the wingers in the attack, his centre is incredible; If I hate it that his team rushes to attacks whenever they get the ball back, something in his team is worth mentioning: You’ll often see 6 players directly involved in the attack, and short passes-which could almost be compared to tikitaka. However, most players of his are excellent passers.

Furthermore, he loves to use the youth, another characteristic of Barcelona.
However, his defending is terrible. His team often forgets the width and too often doesn’t stop the chances created by the opposition, something that would be unacceptable here.

If I love some of his aspects, I hate his use of wings and his defending.
I believe you could try him out, yet he’d still not be my choice-Yet he’d be interesting over here.

This is an opinion article by TikitakaxBarca about the option of Marcelo Gallardo coaching Barcelona. Do you thing Gallardo would be a good option for our team? Write your opinion on the comment section below.

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