Sergi Roberto : Special player for a special team

Sergi Roberto Special player for a special team

If everyone is special, there’s always been someone that has been extra-Special and other than Leo: His name is none other than Sergi Roberto.

Ahh, Sergi. The story of a successful La Masia graduate that never fails to make his place. Stars came & left, but he? He never thought about leaving and always somehow gets enough minutes for himself. We must admit,it was a great idea of Enrique to move Roberto from the midfield to the RB spot,as Dani Alves left us. You’d think he’d be praised. You’d think he’d get a lot of recognition. And yet, it’s far from the reality.

Sergi, especially last season, got more hate than ever. No recognition, and as he was part of the team that had to live the trauma to live Liverpool’s comeback at Anfield, he was part of those who were criticized. Criticism is fine, don’t get me wrong. The problem is when fans start flooding “Sell Roberto”, “He’s useless”, “He isn’t good enough”.

How do you respond to criticism? You reply on the pitch. And that’s what S.Roberto did. Even if Ernesto had stated that Roberto would be a midfielder from this season, He still played some games as RB. As Wagué apparently wasn’t trusted and Semedo is still injured. If Semedo is great, he doesn’t have the golden thing Roberto has: Positional play.

The last two games, Roberto has been vital for our attack: He created the space for Leo by pulling defenders in order to score against Atletico, And created Saturday quite a lot of attacking chances,registering a pre-Assist. Roberto knows where to be, when to be, why to be.

He perfectly understands Leo’s movement along the other players. And that’s what guarantees him a spot every season, somehow. It’s time to praise the unpraised. Te estimo @sergiroberto

Sergi Roberto

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