Atletico vs Barcelona : Players ratings 1×1

Atletico de Madrid FC Barcelona Players ratings

The day after the dramatic win of Barcelona over Atletico Madrid, and it’s now time to look at our players ratings. How did our players do yesterday? By TikitakaxBarca.

Our defence


Mats-8: Crucial saves, and remained alert when needed. A classical masterclass.

Firpo-6.5: Atletico harassed him at the beginning. His decision making wasn’t good enough,however it was still okay. Can do better.

Lenglet-7.5: Great display,he had a good game, intercepting, intervening. Nothing to complain about.

Piqué-8: Well,that was great. After a few decieving games, he is back at his best. He often tracked back,initiated attacks, blocked shots,almost scored a goal. Great game, unlucky to be obliged to go out of the pitch.

Roberto-8: Great games. The RB often revolved as a RW,and connected with Leo & FDJ. He played a great part offensively,as he wasn’t rly tested defensively.

The midfielders

Rakitić-6.5: At the beginning he did great, but he slowly lost it. Didn’t manage to score the golden opportunity from Leo. It was okay,but not impressive.

Arthur-8: A classical great game from him,where he created,linked up well-A mystery why he was taken off for Vidal.

FDJ-8: Great as always. 94.5% passing accuracy. Tackles,interceptions, intervening in the attack. Do I need to say more?

*Vidal-6: Very little impact. He didn’t help at all.

The attack

Griezz-6.5: Well he wasn’t that great. Off the ball he’s improving,however he didn’t provide the width needed, as he aint a pure winger. The fans shouting to him to die weren’t that great either. A night to forget.

Suarez-7.5: Played alright. He had one good chance,and moreover he pressed more than he usually does. And moreover,his understanding with Leo is essential. It’s what caused him to assist Leo.

Messi-8: Well, I dont know what to say. Creates out of nothing, provides chances, scored a goal with a one-two with Luis. It wasn’t his best performance, but he kept our attack alive. Scored the winner. Vamos!

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