The authority problem of Barcelona : The ‘holiday masters’

The authority problem of Barcelona The 'holiday masters'

In these dark days, we have to talk about another major problem at Barcelona right now : Authority. By Tikitakaxbarca.

In normal circumstances, the board/managers have the authority over the players when it comes to holidays. Yet, you guessed, with this board and Ernesto, it’s not the case. Some players leave when they want to,or as today-Are given a free day. Seriously? Why do players get free days after a global catastrophe.

Why? How do they deserve that? After a bad day, they should be training harder in order to improve, and continue working hard. But with Bartomeu and Ernesto? Not happening.

It’s not the first time it happens tho. Even this season, players had been given a free day-reason? None. Why? I don’t know. Why is Valverde giving them a free day? To ensure they will like him? Not like they support him already because he gives playtime to heavyweights that don’t deserve it, but he gives them free too? The players will obviously like Valverde if, even if they play terribly, they will keep on being in the XI, and even get holidays.

How to expect a better result in football matter? Not to.
No good football, no shame, no authority, no glory. Sad days at these days for the club & it’s fans.

Do you think Barcelona does have an authority problem? What do you think should happen now? Write your opinion on the comment section below.

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