Sergio Busquets : Older but still vital for Barça

Sergio Busquets Older but still vital for Barça

In the light of Messi, we mustn’t forget those who work silently – One man: His name is Sergio Busquets. By TikitakaxBarca.

Against Celta Busquets first started on the bench, where Roberto would take his place. If the latter one didn’t do that bad, he couldn’t completely replace Sergio Busquets. However, in the 22′, Semedo is injured. And Valverde decided to let Busquets come in, and switch Roberto to RB.

And what a night it was for Busquets; He had been under high criticism this season as he wasn’t that effective. But what Busquets showed against Celta is that if you give him the right circumstances, he is the ‘Octopus’. A destroyer. Busquets did what he had to do: Take away possesion, guide the ball towards the attack, circulate the ball from the left to the right through the centre-How to finish the work? That’s right, score a goal.

With Celta forcing us to only have a little distance between our attack, midfield & defense, Sergio Busquets had his perfect environment. It’s in those systems, with those tactics that the Spanish midfielder can show his magic, believed to fade away.

Still Irreplaceable

Valverde has already tried to put in as DM other players. Guess what? Busquets is the best. Not considered as a starter anymore this season, he showed that he should be one. Barça needs Busquets and Busquets need Barça.

In the darkness under Bartomeu’s shadow, some lights can still shine. This is Busquets, Sergio Busquets. The unsung hero, and now he is the 5th player in the most apperances, a great way to show it.

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