Looking for a change: 7 biggest problems of FCBarcelona right now

7 biggest problems of FCBarcelona right now

My thoughts and views on our problems at FCBarcelona. By Michael Emilio.



Let’s start off by talking about something pretty basic, the medical staff. I obviously don’t work at the club so what do I know, but from a fan’s perspective it seems that we’ve got one of the worst medical teams in the whole of Europe.

The medical team’s job isn’t just to heal players, but also to prevent future injuries. I can’t say that they’re especially good at either of them as seen in pic 1 (Dembélé’s injury record) and pic 2 (Umtiti’s injury record).


And let’s not forget the start of the season when Messi was supposed to be out for 2 weeks due to his foot injury. He ended up being injured for a month and a half because they gave him the green light TWICE despite him not even being fully fit again.



Now let’s move onto the guy in the picture below. He shouldn’t be a manager and you know why? Because he can’t manage. It’s as simple as that. A manager should be able to manage 11 individuals together as a team. He can’t do that.

He’s got no backup plan and no creativity. If he gets stuck he’s stuck. When we’re in the dirt we ain’t getting out. When we had Lucho we could be 4-0 down and come back from that. Now we can be leading 3-0 and still lose.

“But Michael he won the domestic double in his first season and LaLiga in his second season”. Sure, but you need to realise that Messi gifted him all those trophies on a silver plate. Valverde deserves no credit for any of those three trophies.


“Pep and Lucho didn’t always win either”. You’d be very right in saying that because they lost games and trophies too. The difference is that they actually grabbed the team by the balls and did something about it.

Valverde won’t and can’t do that. He’ll always stay the same. Same lineup, same tactics, same subs, same shitty excuses every time we lose. He can’t turn things around.

Valverde joined a Champions League challenging Barça side and turned it into a team who lost 3-1 against Levante last week. He has killed our confidence and mentality which is something I’ll get into later. Long story short, Messi is the only reason he’s still got a job.



Under Pep and Lucho we were like machines, much like how City have been playing for the past years now. We’d win game after game by 3 goals or more and we went into every single game with confidence and a desire to win.

I don’t dont see any confidence in our team now. Either we look anxious when we play or we look like we don’t give a fuck. And don’t forget the how badly we lack creativity. All we do is is hoof it up a winger/fullback just so they can pass to Messi and let him do his thing.

Although that works sometimes it’s not a playing style we can rely on. It’s a one man show in a team sport. It won’t work in the long run. We struggle to move up and down the field as a team which leaves us so vounrable whenever we lose the ball.

There’s no plan, there’s no possession play, there’s no tiki taka, there’s no communication between our defenders. We’ve completely lost our philosophy when it comes to how we should play. It just looks like we’re 11 individuals on the field, we don’t look like a team.



The mental aspect in not only football, but sports in general is so so important. We’ve adapted a loser mentality over the course of the past 2 seasons. Our Barça B team has a way better mentality than our A team. Just think about that for a second.

We’ve lost all confidence and our mentality isn’t where it should be at all. We should always be chasing for another goal no matter how much we’re leading or what minute we’re in. That’s what champions do. Again, that’s what City have been doing. And why? because of Pep.

People say “oh Pep is a fraud he spends so much money”, shut up please. You can spend as much money as you want, but it won’t get you anywhere if you don’t know how to motivate your players. That’s what we need so badly.

We need a manager who can motivate us no matter who we play. Furthermore, we need someone who can fix our mentality. We need a manager that can actually inject some confidence into us.



Some players like Messi, ter Stegen and Frenkie deserve to be untouchable because they pull off incredible performances week in week out. But then you have players like Rakitic and Sergi Roberto who can play like shit but still get game time ahead of for example Arthur, Vidal, Puig and Aleñá who all suit us way better.



Let’s talk about how unfit our entire team is. We’ve been outran pretty much every game this season and the likes of Luis and Arthur look like they’ve come straight from a late night BBQ.

We look so tired and slow when we play and after the 70th minute most our players look finished. I mean come on… we’re one of the biggest clubs in Europe yet we can’t even stay fit? Again, our B team players are looking way quicker and fitter. it’s embarrassing.



Let’s end this thread off by addressing how fucking lazy we are. When the ball is out of play we just stand there like a kid’s team which often results in our opponents getting chances. I don’t have to remind you what happened against Liverpool do I?

Thanks for reading through this whole article about the current problems of FCBarcelona. Felt like I needed to rant/get my thoughts out there on the issues at our club. visca Barça

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