Leo Messi : Game changing for the 700th time

Leo Messi celebrates 700th game

As you all know, Messi had yesterday his 700th game under the blaugrana colors. How did he do?

Oh boy, he was amazing. Hunger, hard work and determination. Moreover, determination to score. Determination to assist Suarez. Determination to make Griezzmann smile by assisting him. Simply determination to win.

Messi did literally everything you could have asked for: Assisting,scoring, dropping deep, pressing. Are there any words left in the English language to describe the GOAT? I don’t think so. Bvb had been warned.

As Hummel’s later said: “To mark Messi is impossible. He’s the best I’ve ever seen”. That’s precisely his strength. He did lots of amazing runs,2-3 of them almost resulted in a goal. When Messi doesn’t run,what does he do? Simple as that,he created space for his teammates.

That’s why despite Suarez is old, he still is useful: Nobody understands Messi’s movement like Suarez does. Suarez knows when Leo is about to free space in the space of a second. He knows where to be.

Because everyone knows what happens when Leo doesn’t run: He assist like it’s a freekick-Talking about FK’s,he was very unlucky to hit the crossbar.

When he doesn’t run or assists,he creates by dropping deep. Leo has an enormous amount of assists for a reason: His decision making is out of the world. He knows who to assist and when. Three players to assist? He’s gonna decide the best one in the space of a nanosecond.

BVB was the 34th team Leo scored against in the UCL. Astronomic numbers, talk about standards. Talk about him, he talks on the pitch.
He’s the GOAT & ours. And there’s nothing you can do about it, except enjoy him as long as you can. Mui precioso @leomessi 

So natural for Leo Messi to celebrate another record in his 700th game, isn’t it?

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