Ivan Rakitić moves from a sure starter to almost gone

Ivan Rakitić moves from a sure starter to almost gone

In Barça’s overcrowded midfield, there has recently been one player that has complained. And he’s not from La Masia His name is Ivan Rakitić.

Ivan Rakitić came from being an undisputed starter last year. As he played 52 matches, with 5,110 minutes – To 15 games, and barely 1,700 minutes. However, the Croatian, who didn’t feel like Frenkie would take his spot, has recently said ‘The ball has been taken away from me’. Well, you had been warned, Ivan. More than Arthur’s development & Frenkie’s Arrival, the midfielder has been warned that he wouldn’t get that many minutes. Things have changed, and you said ‘I am here to stay. Weird that you’d know complain about minutes.

Offers came in from Inter Milan, and more recently, Atlético de Madrid came out, apparently, with a 35M£ offers on the table.

However, he deserves respect. Many fans criticized him for his backward passes, only 27,6% of his passes being forward. He does deserve a farewell. His goal in the Clasico, or his goal in the UCL against Juventus Turin are some of the memories that he will leave us with. Rakitić has been a great midfielder, don’t get me wrong.

But with the likes of Frenkie, Arthur, or even La Masia graduate Aleña-He should have predicted the outcome-. I believe we should depart ways in January. Good luck @ivanrakitic!

Rakitic feels sad

This week, Rakitic spoke on his lack of playing time: “How my daughter feels when they take her toy away from her? Sad. I feel the same way. They took the ball away from me – I feel sad.” [@MoviStarFutbol via Blaugranagram]

How do you feel about the current situation of Rakitic? Do you think he should leave in the winter transfer window? Leave your opinion in the comment section below.

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