The Victor Valdés situation explained

Victor Valdés situation

Here’s a thread explaining the Victor Valdés situation, courtesy of @CarlesEscolan from Radio MARCA. Translated by Blaugranagram:

During the first meeting between Valdés and Kluivert, the latter is the first one to get angry after Valdés gave him a tactical lesson and then told Kluivert to let him [Valdés] do his job [on his own]. Also, Valdés told Kluivert that he wasn’t an example of anything.

As for Ilaix Moriba, the player was a substitute in the Lleida game. Afterwards, he went with his parents to talk to Kluivert and tell him that he was on the bench for that game. Valdés told Moriba that he can’t go and cry to a superior, as Valdés is the one making the decisions.

Due to this, VV got punished for violating the internal code. Valdés does not feel that something is off regarding the power distribution within the club. He believes that Vilajoana and Kluivert are forming a private preserve & can do whatever they want w/o normal repercussions.

Bartomeu hired Valdés and that the former goalkeeper was Bartomeu’s personal bet. However, the president has not answered any of Valdés’ calls or texts for the past 2 months!

Squad list call-ups

Victor Valdés fully understands that the Juvenil A is part of a bigger picture & work with the other academy teams. However, he’s also seen how there have been put obstacles in his way with regards to him not being able to use some players bc of decisions for other academy teams, which saw the Juvenil A & Juvenil B squads affected.

He was very excited to work with the youth players when he re-joined the club. But he’s doesn’t feel that he’s being allowed to do his work. Upon his arrival, he saw that neither Vilajoana nor Patrick Kluivert wanted him at the club. Therefore, he feel they’ve tried to put obstacles up ever since.

It’s worth noting that some of this is stuff that would be surprising to see in a club whose philosophy strongly depends on La Masia. And given that Valdés was given the job of a coach, he also should have the responsibility.

And this was reported by MARCA, so we’ll have to wait & see if any Catalan outlets report something similar. It seems strange that all of this would happen, and from what I’ve seen, MARCA are the only ones to say that Kluivert was the one who got angry first — others said Valdés.

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