The poor Substitutions of Valverde.

Valverde Substitutions

Many things weren’t right last Wednesday. Yet, I want to talk today about the part where Valverde was mostly at fault: Substitutions.

When the team is doing bad, the coaches, if he has the squad depth, subs new players in, to ensure that the rest of the game wouldn’t be that bad. Yet, the substitutions weren’t on point:


It’s a nice idea to ensure more attack with a pacy player like Dembele- yet Griezzmann shouldn’t have been off. Was Griezzman the one to slow the attack during the first half? No. It was Suarez. What did Valverde do? Sub Demb for Griezz in, a bad decision. Furthermore we know both players have a good connection on & off the pitch. But why did he choose that?

2) Vidal

Seeing our midfield isn’t on point, Valverde uses the one that is usually the player with energy: Vidal. Yet, aerial duels weren’t won. And it didn’t do well. Yet, Busquets wasn’t playing well. But seriously, Vidal? If only Aleña could have played. This substitution, along the next one is even worse:

3) Rakitić.

I’m sorry, What? He? When we need to improve our attack? When literally most of his passes are linear as a straight line or backpasses? Is that what he thought was needed? Worse of all, Frenkie had to suffer for all, unfairly. Already struggling, these two didn’t help at all, sadly.

Furthermore, the fact that Messi looked so long at EV, And the latter one didn’t say anything, isn’t too good either. Just say anything-Sthg to say, orders, Substitutions, resign..JUST SOMETHING!!.
We can’t keep on playing like zombies. Lifeless lifes.
A masterclass and afterwards a disaster class. We can’t keep on playing like that.

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