The MSG is born In a 4-3-3 formation

The MSG is born In a 4-3-3 formation

In a 4-3-3 formation, you can’t only rely on the Midfield. You can’t only rely on the three forwards. You can’t rely on Lionel Messi. By TikiTakaxBarca.

This is what’s we’ve finally seen. When the defense went well, the midfield didn’t. When the attack was doing good, the defense was shaky.
But that’s not what we saw against Eibar. No. Instead, we saw a brilliant XI.

The set pieces that were missing were finally coordinating with each other, like a jigsaw puzzle. Slowly, the starting XI is making its place.
If the Arthur & Frenkie were the ones to be talked about..yesterday was different.

Despite Piqué’s absence, the defense played well, with Umtiti & Lenglet. Finally the time of a rock solid defense, as Alba returned too. And finally, Griezzman is fitting in. He was the one that seemed to not fit in at all as LW, yet on Saturday, the french attacker..was the last piece of Puzzle.

Alba’s role had often been to run up the wing, provide crosses. However, with Griezz coming in, how would that work. Until now, it didn’t. Yet, yesterday Griezz let Alba run when he had to, without disturbing. Griezzman finally understood him.

Griezmann adapts more every day

Furthermore, Griezmann clearly developed his friendship with the King, Leo Messi. Without Messi, we knew he could link up with Suarez-Yet questions were raised weather Leo & Antoine could co& exist.
Outcome? Griezz assisted Messi, and scored a goal, from an assist of Clément- the french connection.

After the darkest days, light is shining. The MSG is born. The midfield provides regular chances to the front three. This team is finally a team worth of Barcelona. Will we see such displays against stronger oppositions? Only time will tell.

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