The extra value that Arturo Vidal brings to Barcelona

Arturo Vidal

One man has proved himself. Bought for less than 30 mil in the summer of 2018, a different type of player than his environment. His name is Arturo Vidal!

Arturo Vidal has a special nickname. His name? ‘The Warrior’, and rightfully so. The Chilean midfielder always runs tirelessly to steal balls from the opponent, whether it be Liverpool in the Champions league or Salamanca in the second division-he’ll give his all independently of the match importance, the conditions, or his teammates.

Yet, he’s different. He isn’t like his environment, at Barcelona. In fact, as he is a box to box midfielder, he pretty much is the opposite of Barcelona’s ideal model of their midfielder-physical and loses possesion too often.

However, under Valverde he gained his importance. He’d be part of the main trio seen last season, along Busquets and Rakitić. However, critics would come, Arthur’s arrival wouldn’t directly threaten his place for 18/19.

What Arturo offers this season

19/20 is a new season. The season of Arthur, and supposedly not Arturo’s. You’d think with Arthur improving significantly and Frenkie being a starter, that Vidal wouldn’t be important anymore.

That’s what happened in the first games, he’d be the least used player with Aleña, Todibo, Wagué and Rakitić. Yet he’s playing most of the second half against Inter. And he did what he does: Change the course of the game. Assist, but that wouldn’t be all. Once again, he’d be playing against Sevilla. And same impact. Another masterclass, with his high pressing.

A very useful midfielder playing the opposite as his teammates. What an irony. Ladies and Gentlemen, King Arturo Vidal for you!

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