Ter Stegen : Future Barcelona captain?

ter stegen

During the darkness of our display, there were still lights shining. One of them was our MOTM-Marc André Ter Stegen.

We have praised him a 100 times, yet it’s still not enough-because he delivered another masterclass yesterday-something that has become normal for the German goalkeeper in the last seasons. It’s not only his physical abilities, such as stay calm in front of a shot, or jump high enough to prevent a goal. No, even his character was worth mentioning. His focus is never out, despite whether he’s tested or not.

If there’s one problem in our recent away games, it’s the lack of character. All seem unmotivated, like zombies. The defense seems asleep, the midfield uninspiring, the attack sloppy. But Ter Stegen? Never. The Ballon d’Or nominee just has the character that is needed: The passion to keep pushing, the one to never give up, the hunger to destroy the opponent- What other players lacked yesterday- as well as in other away games.

You probably often heard ‘The goalkeeper is the last hope for his team’. Yep, that’s it. Marc Andre knows it, and doesn’t care a little bit about the pressure. As long as he is in the cage, the opposite striker will need a very good instinct to actually lure Ter Stegen.

Moreover, after Messi, I’d like to see him as a captain-he deserves it, and we don’t deserve him. He has outlined we didn’t play well, and he had the mindset to push his teammates.

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