Slavia Praha vs Barça: Match Preview

Preview : Slavia Praha vs Barça

Here we go again. The champions league is back, and this time.. against an underdog. That cannot be underestimated. What to expect in the Slavia Praha vs Barça Match?

Slavia Praha ain’t an easy team. They are the underdogs, but managed a draw in Inter against I.Milan(1-1). Something quite impressive. If they lost against Dortmund, they still showed a good opposition. Furthermore, they have been doing well in their league?

Recent form:
Praha-BVB : 0-2(H)
Jablonec- Praha : 0-2(A)
Praha-Pribram: 3-1(H)
Position in the league: 1st, 35 points, GD +25.

Pretty strong, they remain unbeaten, with all games won except two draws.

How about Barça?

Recent form:
Barça-Villarreal: 2-1(H)
Getafe-Barça: 0-2(A)
Barça-Inter: 2-1(H)
Barça-Sevilla: 4-0(H)
Eibar-Barça: 0-3(A)

Position in the league: 1st, 19 points, +10 GD.

Both league leaders in a good form. Yet it’s in their ground, and with their tactics that will be explained in #TacticalKeys, we don’t believe it will be an easy match.

How will the game look like? How do Slavia Praha usually line up?

Slavia Praha usually goes by a 4-3-2-1 formation. They press high up the pitch, and can be effective, as seen against Inter Milan.

Slavia loves attacking, and usually prefer counter attacking methods rather than possesion based strategies.

They can score lots of goals, but concede lots of them. Should we change our tactical plan? No.
We definitely should be playing our normal 4-3-3, based on meaningful possesion, like we’ve seen with our normal trio. Furthermore we’ll describe our starting XI in some errors. Our fullbacks will play a main role, with a deadly combination of the wingers.

Expect a thrilling game, we gotta win all three points!

Visça El Barça 🔵🔴🔥

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