Lionel Messi to Rac1: “I thought that Neymar would go to Madrid”

Lionel Messi interview to Rac1

Rac1 published a long and informative interview with Lionel Messi today. In that interview, they spoke about many topics, and as Barca fans it’s a must-read article. Here are most of what he said, ranslated by Barcacentre.

Lionel Messi: “It was very difficult for Dembélé to have told the referee what he said. We were surprised that Mateu Lahoz understood it so clearly. Ousmane has difficulties speaking Spanish. “

Messi: “I thought that Neymar would go to Madrid if he didn’t come here. I thought that Florentino and Madrid were going to do something to take him away.”

How is it handling the title ‘D10S’ on a personal level

Messi: “Messi is D10S? I don’t care, but I don’t like it. I know it’s not done badly, but it’s very exaggerated that they call me that. My children, how old they are, listen and copy everything. That’s why it’s not good to hear that sort of things.

I rely on my closest circle, and I have always handled fame naturally. I have tried to focus on football, on enjoying. Thiago has a group of very big friends from school, they have a real friendship. Now they are becoming aware of what Thiago’s dad is doing.

I like being at home, but the children ‘force me’ out, so I do things outside. With Antonela I watch some series, although now we are blank, we are in search. I do not remember the last one I watched.

As a kid I played video games a lot and now that Thiago is discovering it and he wants to play with me sometimes. “

Did you ever consider leaving Barcelona?

Lionel Messi: “There have been times when one ends up tired, exhausted, due to the circumstances. I have had several times, especially in 2013, 2014, when I started having problems with the Federal treasury. It was difficult.

I felt mistreated. When all that mess happened I was considering leaving. Not to leave Barça, but to leave Spain. I had the door open for many clubs, but I never received a specific offer because it was known that I was fine in Barcelona.”

Planning the future

Lionel Messi: “My idea was always to stay here and it still is. Recently it’s becoming clear that I want to finish my career here, at Barcelona. My kids are settled here and I don’t want to break that.

It’s true that as a kid I always dreamed of playing at Newell’s to try and play in Argentina. But sometimes you have to think more about the family and they are the most important thing.”

The current state of the team

Messi: “We had a difficult start to the season, but I think we have a great team. We want to win everything. It was our fault for not winning the Champions League last season. It was the fault of the players.

I still have to become 100%. The other day, against Sevilla, I felt my legs and I let go. It’s normal, after the relapse I had. Little by little I’m getting better.

Griezmann is an intelligent player, of great quality, and he will end up adapting. It’s always difficult for players to adapt when they have not grown up here.

Griezmann, Neymar and Pique

Messi: “Obviously it is a lie that I did not want Griezmann. Last year I said he was one of the best and the best are always welcome. I also wanted Neymar to come for the same reason, because he is different, one of the best.

I don’t have influence regarding signings. Therefore, I don’t know if the club did everything possible to sign Ney. I talked a lot with him. I think Neymar regrets having left Barça. We should ask him, but it seems to me that a short time after he left he realised his mistake. “

Messi: “Piqué? He is very transparent and very intelligent. He says what he thinks without worrying about the impact it can have. He’s sincere, he always tries to face it, he is very happy and very funny.

I don’t know he was going to say these things after the game with Getafe. He never informs anyone about anything, he surprised me, yes. I honestly wouldn’t have done it, but he felt that way. “

Liverpool, Referee and inside topics

Messi: “I have said it several times. The defeat against Liverpool was our fault. That could not happen to us after that debacle in Rome. We disappeared and the Roma game of the previous year came in our minds. “

Messi: “My phrase to Mateu Lahoz about Dembélé? I expressed myself badly. I wanted to say that it was very complicated for him to have said that because he has trouble putting together sentences in Spanish. Therefore I was surprised that Lahoz understood him so clearly. I like the VAR and I am in favour, but I think it’s still leaving many doubts. Many doubts.”

Leo Messi: “I think Xavi will come back here whenever he wants. He is coaching now and at some point he will come back here and I have the feeling that he will be similar to Guardiola.”

Lionel Messi: “I was surprised by what happened to Valdés. I saw that a lot of information was coming out about him and it was surprising that he left like this.”

Messi: “Every year I have tried to evolve as a player. The Guardiola era was special, but I evolved a lot after that time.”

Messi: “I have like a museum at home… I save prizes, balls, shirts, etc.”

Messi: “I miss Cristiano, yes, I would have liked him to continue at Madrid for the rivalry.”

Leo Messi: “I have no idea if I will win the Ballon d’Or. It would not be a disappointment if I don’t win it, the individual prizes were never a priority. Going another year without the Champions League would hurt me more.”

Messi: “Being captain is a beautiful responsibility, a pride.”

End of the interview of Lionel Messi for Rac1. What did you think about it? Write your opinion in the Comment section below.

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