Barcelona 2 – Inter 1 : comeback after awful first half

Barcelona comeback after a very bad first half. Valverde did the changes that the team needed, but a better coach would not get into the mess in the first place. Here are the thoughts of Rafa Hernandez:

Oh yes, the usual “I am done with this shit, here’s the win” by Messi.

Important result for Barcelona on the unlikeliest of conditions, all because coach Messi came back from injury and decided to restore the natural order. In the second half, he came to light for the first time this season after so many injuries, 10 dribbles and a second half masterclass vs Internazionale.

The Argentinian still looked like a mortal man, as absurd as it sounds, and it will take a while to fully get his powers back. I’m just happy he was on pitch, missed him too much.

Suárez spent most of the match diving, complaining and falling over his first touch, but still delivered two expertly taken goals. It doesn’t excuse his embarrassing form, but it’s been a while since we last saw him show up in the Champions League.

Different coaches, different approaches

Inter dominated the first half and trampled Barcelona like few teams did in European competitions at the Camp Nou over the last ten years in the group stages. They were that good, and if it wasn’t for Ter Stegen, we’d have a calamity in our hands.

Take a look at Conte’s intensity on the sidelines and compare that to Valverde playing dead. The Barça players looked for the most part disjointed and shaken for most of the match, Pique was especially a mess, and I will take this win as a gift from Messi.

Needed changes made

Frenkie and Arthur had their usual consistent 8/10 performances on the middle, and both upped the quality of the match in the final 15 minutes. Frenkie was gliding on pitch. Damn, this kid is special! Vidal improved the entire team, and played well too.

Dembélé came back too, and he was hit or miss as usual, but the width and dribbling ability of his is excellent to find gaps in opponent’s back lines, and it’s no wonder Inter were unsettled on the left as soon as he was on.

A win is a win, Barça could well be out of the UCL at this point and the four points had a lot of luck involved. Team has to do better vs Slavia and seal the qualification for the knockouts.

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