The press conference of Valverde before Getafe

The press conference of Valverde before Getafe

Follow the press conference of Ernesto Valverde ahead of tomorrow’s game with Getafe. Translated by barcacentre.

Valverde: “It will be a tough game like last year. Getafe are very disciplined. They are a team that unfold well in attack with many players. We suffered a lot last year to win there.

I don’t worry about playing at 4 pm, we play at any time. We have to step forward away from home because we are not achieving good results.”

Valverde: “Messi? I don’t know how long he will be out for, I hope he will be back soon. He doesn’t have a serious injury. We have to wait and see.

Fati and Spain? I would like the player to spend more time with us. He can go either go the Spain U21 side or the Spain U17 side. In the end, the Spanish federation decide.

The Griezmann case? I don’t know the ins and outs about that issue.

Suárez? Look, he has been out for a couple of weeks. He has to get back into rhythm like Messi and Dembélé. We hope he continues to give us a lot, as always.

Vidal? I don’t know what will happen, there are many players in midfield, we all know that. There is a lot of competition. We can’t play with 11 midfielders.”

Neymar taking the club to court

Valverde: “Neymar? This never ends, does it? I have nothing to say, these issues are internal, it surpasses me. There has not been a press conference in which we have not talked about Neymar.

Arthur dining with Neymar? It’s fine and I want it to stay that way. He went to see a friend of his and had dinner with him. Nothing to worry about.”

End of the press conference of Valverde ahead of Getafe.

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