Messi gets the FIFA Best 2019 award he deserves

Leo Messi gets the FIFA Best award for 2019. Finally he gets recognition for the first time since 2015. He fought against Valverde and Rakitic, almost leading his team to a treble last season. Deserved award, Nobel Prize next. By Rafa Hernandez

A person that doesn’t watch football would struggle to understand if you told them a team won a domestic treble in England last season and was completely ignored in the awards.

Guardiola, like Messi, is a victim of the impossible highs he’s achieved during his career. It’s treble or absolute failure. Liverpool, the team rightfully winning all these awards, were Manchester City’s rivals in England. The point is that Pep’s men barely get any recognition for what they achieved last season.

Bernardo Silva has ceased to exist? He was legitimately a top three player in the world last season, yet criminally overlooked. It’s inexplicable. Meanwhile Marcelo is in the world’s best XI because he stayed overweight and injured in a trophy-less season, Modric gets there because he’s a Real Madrid player, same for Sergio Ramos as right back (?).

Overall, these awards are a clown show. I am happy that Messi smiled tonight, first time post Anfield, that’s all.

Leo Messi gets the ‘FIFA Best’ award he deserves. Will he earn the Ballon d’or? Let’s wait and see.

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