Luis Suarez: “Griezmann is very humble in the dressing room”

Luis suarez on Griezmann, Ansi Fati, Neymar and more

Luis Suarez gave an interview to Fox Sports Argentina, where he talked about Neymar, Ansu Fati, Griezmann and more. Moreover, it is nice to see his commitment to the club and its values. The source that translated the whole interview is Barcacentre.

Luis Suárez: “Neymar’s decision to leave in 2017? We talked about it at the time. We told him that there would be no place better than at Barcelona. But well he chose that. Now he did everything possible to return.”

Suárez: “Ansu Fati? He came to train a day before playing the game against Real Betis. We noticed him and we were all surprised by his age.”

Suárez: “I think that when it comes to entering the dressing room, the more experienced players have to support him. Don’t change the way you play. Logically, he looks at you in a special way, but we try to make jokes to make him feel more comfortable.”

Luis Suarez also said that “Griezmann is very humble in the dressing room. Here we are all the same.”

Earlier in the preseason there were rumors that Luis Suarez and Griezmann did not have a good relationship. However, since the French forward came to Barca, the reality seems like the opposite. Let’s wait and see how our attackers will all combine together, once their all fit.

Can Messi, Suarez, Griezmann and Dembele all play together? If not, who will be the one to stay on the bench? Still a lot of unanswered questions, and we will have to wait and see what happens.

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