Barça -Valencia : Match Preview

Barça Valencia Match Preview

It’s time for what we waited for. After two weeks of international break,club football is back,and it’s no chilll: Barça are playing at home, at the Camp Nou against Valencia. This is the prematch report by Tikitakaxbarca:

We had been warned last season: We lost against them 2-1 in the final of the Copa del Rey, winning their first trophy since 2008.

However, everything is different this season: They are 10th, we aren’t the uncontested leaders. We have a league to win,and they…just sacked their manager, Marcelino.

Because of rising tensions over money,the Brazilian had to say goodbye yesterday- and they officially confirmed it.

Knowing that its actually very hard to know what kind of setup we are getting in next Saturday…. shouldn’t worry as too much tho.I still bet they’ll go with a 4-4-3, even under Calcedes, former Lopetegui’s manager in Spain… this would be our revenge for last year’s Copa del Rey!

Why a 4-3-3? Whatever opponent we get,we should play our way-fluidity,team play; Tikitaka should always be present on the pitch under the blaugrana colors; Many of you will say we under are Valverde, however we have the right players.

The biggest concern, would be our front three: Messi is unlikely to play against Valencia (his first league apperance will come later than expected), Suarez should be playing but it’s not 100% sure… Dembele is still injured…and we need the 3 points. Anything else is unacceptable:we have a ligue to conquer,and 3 days later, a CL game against Dortmund to win. There,all 3 points are needed too…

Which front three options do we have?

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪griezmann suarez‬‏
  1. Griezzmann – Suarez- C.Perez: Suarez returns as ST, C.Perez get the RW as Rafina is gone and Messi ain’t there, and Griezzman gets the LW; While the Frenchman hasn’t shined yet there, we don’t have that many options. The other options would be switch Carles Perez with Griezz, as we never saw Antoine as RW..As you all know Griezz can play all three position, and I think it would be interesting to see him there…The front three would be a classical one.
  2. Griezzman-Aleña-C.Perez: A front three that we have never seen. Yes,I said Aleña. The midfielder has been snubbed since our 1-0 loss at San Mames, and he deserves a new chances. Carles is a midfielder,but an attacking one. He perfectly would fit the #10 role, like Pep converted Leo in #F9 in his early years.

After all, I believe Carles deserves another chance, as he’s a great prospect. If he can’t get chances there, we could try out as a #F9, it would also solve our Suarez replacement (Even if we have Abel Ruiz). Again, Griezz and Perez could change as we’ve never tried Antoine as a RW, but it has to be mentioned that Perez is originally a RW..

3. Ansu Fati-Griezzmann(/Suarez)-C.Perez: Ansu, the youngster. The one that overtakes steps. Even though he should return with the B, in this extreme case he could play another allow Griezz/ Suarez in their preferred position…

C.Perez gets the RW for him, which is benefitial as he enjoys the RW more than the LW…

What about our midfield?

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪alena arthur‬‏

I’d like to see the Busquets-Arthur-FDJ again, as we saw a good connection between those three-and Arthur deserves it. However, a Busquets-arthur-Aleña would be another option. Players like Aleña/Puig Would fit in the system very well, as players who would break the lines…

I just wouldn’t pick Roberto because Arthur deserves it. Busquets is the man we need to keep organisation in the center of the park; The third spot is trickier, I’d like to see FDJ but Aleña would be another option…

However, I’m not the manager- Valverde is. Therefore I only see the 1) happening, as EV likes to rely on experienced players. Especially after the pressure he currently has, as the balugranas aren’t impressive with 4 points after 3 matchdays.

In fact, I believe EV will take a 4-4-2, which, exceptionally could be used (However I’d prefer a 4-3-3, as it allows triangulation,while 4-4-2 doesn’t). In the case of a 4-4-2 the striker would Suarez/ Griezz, and the midfield would either include C.Perez as LCM with on of those trios I said- as it’s unlikely Roberto would be back as RB.

The defence should stay the same, no changes in my opinion, in either case the fullbacks will need to be very active, especially if Valencia chooses a 4-4-2… Let’s not do the same errors as last time,-we want to win,but with style, please..

I believe we will get the three points,never stop doubt on Barça: Vamos!

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