Barça and Neymar meet in court – Report

Barça and Neymar meet in court

The Barça – Neymar court case is still ongoing, and the Brazilian arrived with his father in Barcelona yesterday morning through the private flight terminal of the El Prat airport. Report by Blaugranagram.

The case is regarding the renewal bonus, where he was promised €40M, and initially got €14M. He’s suing Barça for the remaining €26M of what – at the time – was deemed a loyalty bonus.

Barça also have their part of the case, as they’d like the €14M back, as the €40M, per the Club, were offered if he fulfilled his contract. In 2017, he left to Paris for the €222M release clause, which is why Barça deem the contract unfulfilled. [@RogerTorello]

This morning Neymar & Barça asked for the court case regarding the loyalty bonus to be delayed. According to sources, both parties want to resolve the matter in a friendly manner and without going to court.

Neymar and his father met with club president Josep Bartomeu yesterday. When the Brazilian arrived in Barcelona after several days of discussions. Ultimately, there was a positive outcome, according to sources.

Barça met with Neymar’s attorneys this morning to try & reach a deal, , but failed to reach an agreement. However, Neymar asks for money from the club for the remainder of his loyalty bonus. However, the club asks for money for him acting in bad faith and deceiving the club. The two parties will go head to head in court. [@marcelobechler]

Neymar is willing to resign from his claim in court of the full €43M for the loyalty bonus on the condition that Barça give him, in writing, a commitment to signing him again. [@SiqueRodriguez, via @AdriaAlbets]

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