Will Coutinho loan to Bayern “kill” the Neymar operation?

how coutinho loan affects the neymar operation

How will the loan of Coutinho to Bayern affect the Neymar saga? @Blaugranagram reports that many reliable outlets (Marsal Llorente, Gerard Romero & Xavi Campos of CatRadio) say Coutinho WILL move out to Bayern for a year. They’ll pay for his loan deal & his salary. He will NOT play today & will travel to Munich on Sunday to complete the move.

As for Ney, we’ll have to wait & see. Some say it means the deal is off, but given that the negotiations seemingly still are ongoing, they might reach a deal involving different players, or they’ve decided that PSG demand too much & decided to give Cou to Bayern.

es, my answer to that is very much on both sides, but it’s hard to assess the situation without rushing to a conclusion. Let’s wait and see what happens.

RAC1 say the Neymar operation is over because of the Coutinho -> Bayern move, as that affects the deal directly since Cou was a key part of the deal. While that is very possible, I say let’s wait till tomorrow and give it some time. I’m sure Barça have thought this through.

But again, if Barça have decided that the deal simply isn’t feasible, it’s fair of them to let go. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Leonardo has been attempting to salvage the wounds and get him to stay. Where he ends up, we’ll have to wait & see.

More to come surely on the Neymar saga, even after the loan of Coutinho.


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