Valverde is making me miss Lucho

valverde will be Valverde. it is what it is

If you ask De ara Torres, no matter which player will arrive, the main problem of the team is Valverde.

All I hear is “and people say we don’t need Neymar”. No, we don’t. We could sign Neymar, Ronaldo Nazario, Maradona and Cruyff, it wouldn’t change the fact that this team is managed by the biggest coward to ever coach a top club. Our players aren’t the problem. However, Valverde is.

Valverde adapts to his opponents when in fact the opponent should adapt to us. That’s the mentality he has as a coach. However, big clubs require a courageous manager that rubs off his energy on the team. The way this teams plays is a direct reflection of Valverde’s personality. Boring.

Is it really a surprise that not a single player has developed under his tenure? Dembélé and Semedo are two players people often criticize, but can you honestly tell me that both of them didn’t look like world class players before Valverde got his hands on them. It’s non-coincidental.

This also falls on the responsibility on the board, especially Bartomeu. He’s been Valverde’s biggest supporter.However, a serious club with a serious president would go separate ways with any manager who failed to secure the UCL advancement after a 3-goal lead, and it happened twice.

Against Bilbao Alba played bad, Semedo played bad. So did Griezmann, Roberto, De Jong and Dembélé. No need to make individual evaluation on any player. The whole team has been poor. This falls on Valverde. The players looks lost in transition from defense to attack. This is the managers job.

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