The win yesterday proves : La Masia is the answer

The match yesterday ended with a great 5-2 win. Griezmann had a terrific debut, and there were also many things to talk about: Our defense problems, the overbooking in our midfield, and our injury list. However, what I think matters the most after yesterday’s match is the fact that la masia can be the answer to many of our problems.

As we already said before, we think that Valverde shouldn’t remain our coach. But it’s not only because of the defeats against Roma and Liverpool. I really don’t think he has the ability to lead our players, and Messi can’t make up for everything. However, for now he’s our coach, and the more we’ll use la masia, the better there will be.

First problem: Adjusting to the Barca system

One of the biggest problems of the Valverde era, is the fact that the team doesn’t play the ‘tiki-taka’ style of Barca. Therefore, many fans don’t like that, and would love to see Barca play with its DNA. However, until now it seems like Valverde fails to adjust the new players to the system. That’s why players like Semedo, Dembele, Arthur and other youngsters either fail to perform, or have fitness issues.

The la masia answer to that is quite simple: Those who come from our academy play the Barca way for years. Hence, they don’t need Valverde to adjust them to the system.

Yesterday started the match with 6 la masia graduates. Although most of our attack didn’t play, Barca did look like Barca. Sergi Roberto, Alba, Pique, Busquets, Rafinha and Carles Perez all know the system well. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Barca had one of their best matches under Valverde.

Second problem : promising youngsters leaving the club

La masia can be the answer to many of our problems

One of the biggest problems of the last years is that many of the bigger talents leave once they finish their youth years. Although we can blame the players, and say that they only look for money, the main problem is the lack of hope for them.

In the last years the talents of la masia did not get their chances. Players like Grimaldo, Onana and Cucurella had to leave in order to shine outside. Moreover, Carles Alena is the first player to establish himself as a rotation player since Sergi Roberto (27 years old). In the first year of Valverde in charge, no Barca B player played in the Champions League.

Therefore, when there are no youngsters who play, the kids don’t have players to look up to. However, seeing Carles Perez getting minutes, Carles Alena becoming a rotation player, and Ansu Fati debuting – give hope.

Ansu Fati did well yesterday, and Carles Perez scored a nice goal. However, the most important thing about them playing yesterday was the fact that they gave hope to the other youngsters.

Ansu fati is still young, and Carles Perez wasn’t the best player on the field yesterday. Many factors influence the adaptation of a young player to the higher levels. For every Pedro there are dozens of Jeffrens, Gai Assulins and Dongous. However, giving opportunities and a clear project is what really matters for the youngsters.

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