The Neymar talks seem very pessimistic now

The Neymar talks seem very pessimistic now

As we’re approaching the last days of the transfer window, it seems like the Neymar talks are about to end. However, unless unexpected turn of events will occur, the end of the talks probably won’t find the Brazilian move back to Barcelona. Sujoy Pritam with the update:

@globoesportecom confirms Barca quit the Negotiation because of PSG’S high demand. Moreover, @globoesportecom Confirmed that in Thursday, PSG accepted the offer of 130m+ Todibo+Rakitic + Dembele (one year loan). But in Friday suddenly they wanted more money from Barca that’s why Barca has quit the Negotiation.

Neymar agrees to stay in PSG after club fails to reach an agreement at talks with Barca. Intends to fullfil remainder of the PSG contract and commitment. Due to fly to Miami to join Brazil NT squad according to @skysports_bryan.

Earlier today, @lequipe reported that Todibo and Rakitic agreed to play in PSG. But Dembele’s refusal still blocked the deal. Moreover, the French media confirms that Neymar was ready to pay 20m from his own pocket to facilitate the deal.

The most conflicting news always be every reliable sources said Barca offered 130/140+Rakitic+Dembele (on loan )+ Todibo. But Catradio is saying Barca rejected that offer. Conflicting news at it’s best regarding this saga.

At last it ends. No more C A L M A and no more ojo. Or is it? Let’s see of there will be more twists and turns.

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