The Neymar saga continues

neymar saga - rakitic and dembele out

The Neymar saga is one hell of a rollercoaster. Despite the declerations of Dembele’s agent, reports suggest that there are talks between the French and PSG. @Sujoy_Pritam with the update:

Barca’s official proposal is €140m+ Dembele (on one year loan)+ Rakitic (transfer) according to @le_Parisien_PSG. But the spread of payments proposed in this formula has not yet filtered according to @le_Parisien_PSG

According to concordant sources of @le_Parisien_PSG, discussions are now taking place. The talks are between the Paris club, via the sports director Leonardo and coach Thomas Tuchel, and the two players concerned.

Earlier today according to @lequipe , Barca raised the possibility of paying €80m this summer for Neymar and other half in next summer. Leonardo is not at all insesntive to this proposal.

According to @le_Parisien_PSG, Barca are now proposing 140-150 million euros + Ousmane Dembélé, on loan, and Ivan Rakitic, in transfer. This set is worth, according to the Catalans, 200 million euros. Barcelona has taken out a bank loan to finalize the transaction.

Arturo Canales is the agent of Rakitic who is also the agent of Ander Herrera and Sarabia both are currently playing in PSG. So It could be incentive for that.

What will end up with the Neymar saga? We’ll know soon…

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