Pique and Firpo speaks in a press conference

Pique and Firpo had some interesting stuff to say about the club, the transfer window and more. Follow the press conference of Pique and Firpo. Brought to you by @barcacentre .

Piqué: “Griezmann is a great player and it is great news to have him with us. No matter the past, if you have performance and goals, usually the fans are always on your side. Hopefully he adapts well from the start.

Neymar? It must be him who manifests. Of course we talk to him, but it is not appropriate to confess private conversations. He is the one that has to come out and speak. He is a ‘crack’ on and off the pitch.

Ancelotti has always been successful. He is a great coach. I think Napoli are the closest team to Barcelona in the Italian league.

The rough schedule does not help. Every time we have less vacations. The seasons now begin earlier and end later.

Messi? Hopefully he recovers as soon as possible so he can play the first game of La Liga.

Coutinho? Obviously I want him to stay but at the end of the day it is about what he wants, and I want him to be happy. Until the last day of the transfer market we will not know if he stays or not.”

Firpo not afraid of competition

Firpo: “I am very happy with how the dressing room welcomed me. I have had a magnificent reception.

Old tweets? It is something you do when you are young and you do not have to give it much importance either.

Firpo: Alba? He is a reference for me, I hope I can offer good competition. I want to learn from him.”

Pique values recent league trophies

Piqué: “There is no club in the world that play with as much pressure as we do. If we do not win a treble, people think it is a bad season.

Winning 8 of the last 11 leagues is something historical. Why is it not given so much value? Maybe because we win them with so many points of difference.

We could give up on La Liga and the Copa del Rey like other teams do and focus exclusively on the Champions League, but we know that winning the Champions League is very complicated and we do not want to play Russian roulette.”

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