Neymar deal off? Another twist in the saga

neymar deal off? another twist in the tale

Recent reports suggest that Barca ruled out the Neymar deal, because PSG demands too much for him. Is it a tactic to pressure the French team, or is the deal really of? @Hagrid with the full update:

Catalan Oulets are reporting that the deal is almost impossible. PSG had made a counter offer to Barcelona for Neymar. However, the Spanish Champions rejected it and his return is almost impossible now.

The Spanish Media were a joke throughout the entire saga. They said things which were NOT TRUE. Until more reliable sources confirm it, do not believe it. I will keep providing an update on this so stay tuned.

The reason why negotiations are STILL taking time is because of the players involved in the swap deal. Dembele, Rakitic and Todibo do not want to leave the club. That is making an impact on the negotiations for Neymar. If the deal breaks down, this is the reason why.

The Neymar deal might be a financial risk

Here is something which I wanted to address regarding the player swap. The players which are offered in the deal are: Dembele, Todibo & Rakitic. The problem here is that before making a deal, they should confirm with the players. Players aren’t interested in moving to PSG.

Dembele’s agent had said that his client will be staying in Spain 200%. Rakitic also wants to stay, and has no intentions of leaving the club. Todibo is also one of them. None of these players ever wanted to go to PSG. This could potentially impact the deal.

Barcelona WANT to offer players, along with a reasonable amount of cash. It’s almost impossible for the deal to happen with no players involved because if they only include high amount of cash, it could be a problem financially and economically.

If Neymar signs, that would bring Barças salary rate up to an alarming 64% of the total profits. The maximum allowed for UEFA clubs is 70%. That’s why, most importantly, Barca want to include players in the operation.

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