The ‘ Ney Barck ‘ saga? Still more than possible

Reasons not to sign Neymar JR

As the reports say that the deal is off, @Blaugranagram thinks there is still good chance for the Ney saga to end with him signing. Here are his thoughts:

I think there’s a rough agreement in place & that they’re waiting on Dembélé & the final details. French outlets have said that Pini Zahavi is optimistic & RMC reported on the Ney saga deal being off according to Spanish/Catalan media. I don’t think the deal’s off.

As conspiracy theory-ish as this may sound, I think it’s a game by the media. No way the teams could go from “good will” on both sides & optimism from Barça & Ney to virtually ruling out the move. Even if the offer was rejected, I imagine PSG would make their demands clear.

Neymar’s stance here is a huge factor that seems to be neglected by some of the reporting outlets. He wants to leave. He’s determined to do so & he’s determined to join Barça. And with so little time to go, I can’t see him staying after all these negotiations.

I might be completely wrong on this, and time will tell. If I am, I’m sorry. But I don’t see the deal being off yet – it’d be very strange especially considering how much Barça have fought for Neymar’s signature & the fact that he’s ruled out Madrid and Juve.

Until September 2, nothing’s over. We’ll have to wait & see. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this was some outlets saying the deal is off so Bartomeu can get praise for when it does get sealed & announced. Again, if I turn out to be wrong, I’m sorry, but this is how I see it.

Dembele still reluctant to leave

Barça deeming Paris’ demands too high & rejecting their counter-offer of a just-money offer is a “negotiating tactic” per sources close to the negotiations. Barça’s offer was €130M + Todibo, Rakitic, and a loan of Dembélé, who still is set on staying. [@joaquimpiera]

Also, Barça today pushed harder for Dembélé to agree to a loan move to Paris. Moreover, Neymar’s entourage remains optimistic about the deal going through. One of the stakeholders in the deal says he doesn’t consider the negotiations as broken down . [Le Parisien ]

Dembélé’s decision to stay doesn’t seem irreversible, as Barça push him towards a move. Also, a higher-up figure in Barça has anonymously told the EFE (the Spanish equivalent of the AFP) that “for now, we’re talking about a €215M transfer, one we won’t accept”. [LP ]

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