More competition = good news for Barça

According to Rafa Hernandez, the most important thing to take from this summer is that Barça players have more competition to play:

Suárez already looked better in the match yesterday than he did all season. Griezmann signing will pile pressure and he has to step up, excellent. Same for Firpo and Alba, there’s a lot more competition to be a starter now.

Frenkie De Jong will make or break Barcelona. He’s one incredible, once in a generation kind of midfielder, made to play for the club, with a strong, demanding, almost arrogant personality like Cruyff once did.

Frenkie coming in like thunder with declarations like yesterday might not sit well with his teammates, especially when we know certain players are far too comfortable after two years under Valverde.

I don’t think Frenkie had a good performance yesterday by his standards, mainly tactical issues. Valverde is playing him too deep. He needs to have a lot more freedom going forward. However, he can play alongside Busquets.

Busquets, Arthur and De Jong would be a world class midfield under a proper coach, but can Valverde do it? I doubt even the man himself knows. Griezmann is a mainstay for the attack, amazing alongside Messi.

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